Welcome to our Y1/2 Class Blog!

Welcome to our Year 1/2 blog!

We are so excited to share our new blog with you all.  On this page you can see forthcoming events and be kept up to date with class activities. Children are encouraged to make regular contributions as we will be sharing and celebrating our learning here.

Please let us know your thoughts. All comments will be monitored before being published.

Thanks for popping by!

Home Learning – Week 1

Please see the pack sent home for activities to complete this week.

In there are activities that can be accessed using your child’s log on –




I will be connecting with pupils and families and setting activities on https://www.classdojo.com so please do sign up using the parent and child codes sent home in the pack.

I will update this blog, check your progress online at purple mash, spelling shed and tt rockstars. I will update our classdojo regularly.

Keep safe and look after each other

Mrs Steele 🙂


Year 1/2 have been learning the importance of washing your hands properly!
Our visitors from the Healthy Living Team talked to the class about all aspects of living to keep our bodies healthy.
First we checked our hands under the lamp using a special gel that helped us to see any germs.
Next we washed our hands thoroughly and checked them again.

Can your child tell you why we should wash our hands and when we should we do it?

We really enjoyed this science workshop!

Experimenting with wind

Here in Y1/2 we’ve been learning all about the weather and seasons of the UK.

We have been observing clouds, enjoying measuring the rainfall and now we’re fully fledged scientists!

First job, make a wind sock and predict where the wind will come from and where on the Beaufort scale we thought it would be.

We enjoying testing our predictions on a windy afternoon before Christmas.


Welcome back!

Welcome back Year 1/2!

We started our second half term with lots of fabulous discussion about these paintings by Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh.  We use these frames to help us talk about the art.  What we liked?  What we disliked? What questions did we have about the art or artist?  Then finally what connections could we see?  What did the art remind us of?

We really enjoyed being art critics and sharing our response to the art work.

Which is your favourite?

Silly Billy

Inspired by our work on World Mental Health Day, we read Silly Billy by Anthony Browne.

We talked about how we can all worry sometimes.

We decided it is good to share and talk about your worries.

We learned how children in Guatemala often have worry dolls that they keep under their pillows as they sleep.

Then we made some worry dolls just like Billy did in the story.

What would your worry doll look like?

What is this story?

We have been enjoying our English work on the stories of Oliver Jeffers.

This week we started reading a new tale about a boy called Floyd.

As part of our writing, we retold the story using story maps.

Can you retell the story to someone at home?

Can you remember the title?

What happens when we add the prefix “un” to a word?

What other things have we studied in English this week?