Children in Need

Reception children joined the school today in wearing their pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need. We talked about how Children in Need is a charity who support children who are diasadvanted. They help them to be safe, happy and secure and to reach their full potential. The children took part in the Pudsey design competition and joined the rest of the school to celebrate the winners in assembly.

No Pens Day – The Queen’s Hat

It’s ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’ today at Chorley New Road. This is a special day where children in the UK put down their pens and engage in activities to promote speaking, listening and communication skills.

In Reception we have been learning all about our capital city London and the Queen. This afternoon we have shared the story ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve Anthony. The book tells the story of the Queen’s exciting adventure around London chasing her hat that has been blown off by the wind and carried off around the landmarks of London.

The children worked in a group to design and build a new hat for the queen. We researched hats on the computer and the children discussed different designs. The children then discussed the hat’s shape, properties and aesthetic before allocating different roles to build the hat. The children ensured that the hat had a brim to shade the queen from the sun and a strap to make sure it doesn’t blow off again!

We had a special visitor in Reception to model our hat – Headteacher and ‘queen of our school’ Miss Burrows.

In the Outdoor area the children worked collaboratively to build the London landmarks in the book. Using the large Loose Parts, the children designed and built Tower Bridge, The London Underground and even Buckingham Palace!

Using technology and books to collaborate on a design for ‘Buckingham Palace.’

Remembrance Day – We will remember them.


Reception children have been learning about Remembrance Day today. We started the day by sharing our experiences of Remembrance Sunday with our friends during morning task. Some of the Reception children talked about the school Remembrance parade and others talked about the services they attended with family. We then joined the rest of the school for a Remembrance assembly. The children listened as the Key Stage 2 children shared their WW2 writing and poetry. Miss Jones shared her personal experience of visiting the war grave of her relative who died in WW1. We also listened to Year 5 children share a poem written by a WW2 veteran and given to them on a recent trip to the Imperial War Museum.

At 11.00am we observed a minute silence.🇬🇧

Later, at carpet time we explored the concepts of conflict and freedom by watching the BBC Children’s remembrance film. A beautiful and thought-provoking animation that sees war as experienced by animals in a WWI battlefield.

We then made our own simple representations of poppies in the Workshop.

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

Into Film Festival at Vue Cinema Middlebrook

The Into Film Festival is a free, annual, nationwide celebration of film and education for children – Reception children took part in the film festival by going to the Vue cinema at Middlebrook today. The children sat and listened attentively as they watched ‘The Grinch’, a film based on the classic children’s story ‘The Grinch who Stole Christmas’ by Dr Seuss. The tale focuses on the importance of family and gifting joy, love, and humor to your loved ones, welcoming others and respecting their customs and traditions and being kind and compassionate to people.


The Reception children walked sensibly to the cinema and we discussed road safety and the changes of the seasons as we walked. We even had a go at using our Phonics skills to read the shop signs!

The children’s behaviour was exemplary throughout the visit and they have made their teachers and grown-ups very proud! Well done Reception!

UK Parliament Week, Guy Fawkes Night and Democracy.

UK Parliament Week is a special time when people all over the United Kingdom take part in fun activities to learn about democracy, ask big questions, think critically and debate the issues that are important to them!
Reception children have been discussing family customs around Bonfire Night. We talk about the similarities and differences we have with our friends and teachers. We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. The children were given an opportunity to say whether they thought Guy Fawkes was right or wrong in his actions and whether the king made good decisions or not. We debated what would be the right thing to do with people who make bad choices and hurt others.

Voting for a story!

We have been learning about how to cast a vote to make our opinions heard in a fair way by voting for a story at the end of the day.
The children have also decided what they will be learning about in class next week by voting for their favourite theme!

Making the most of the weather!

Today the children have used fantastic team working skills to get our water butt up and running. They were keen to fill the butt and we explored lots of different ways to fill and transport the rain water. The children devised a way to reach the top of the butt and used their physical skills to manoeuvre the crates into place to form steps. This activity gave the children an opportunity to practise their turn-taking skills to empty and fill. We have been using lots of capacity vocabulary “empty”, “half-full”, and “full”.

What can children learn from playing in the rain?
They can learn about rain through first-hand experience.
Playing in the rain gives children an opportunity to learn about where the water we use comes from, that rain comes at different rates of intensity, wind affects the direction of rain, that water seeks its own level so puddles collect in holes and slanted ground.
They can learn through their senses.
It provides a deep sense of pleasure for most of us. The sound of the rain against different surfaces, touch of raindrops of different sizes and frequency, the taste of rain dripping into your mouth are all opportunities to awaken the senses.
They can learn to develop responsibility for belongings that get wet in the rain.
We want to provide many opportunities for children to grow in their independence and responsibility. Playing in the rain provides meaningful chores including moving items that can be ruined by rain to dry areas, placing rain clothes to dry after play, and wiping spills from coming indoors after playing in the rain.

Brush Brush!

Following on from NHS Bolton Oral Health Care Team’s visit the children in Reception have been involved in a tooth brushing routine in school. The children have their own tooth brush to use in school and are enjoying spending a few minutes of their lunch break brushing their teeth and talking about looking after teeth and healthy teeth routines. This helps to encourage excellent tooth brushing habits for the children to use at home and for the future.

Below is a two-minute teeth brushing song for children to listen to whilst cleaning their teeth at home.

Autumn Celebrations – Diwali!

This week we have been learning all about different autumn celebrations. The children have been learning about similarities and differences between different cultures and beliefs by learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have been practising writing our names and using our phonics skills to write greetings in our Diwali cards and we have had a go at making Diva lamps in the Malleable area. We have been learning about the Hindu customs of Mendhi art and Rangoli patterns. Dhanush, Ishika and Vikaash shared their experiences of going to the temple and Tanvi showed us her beautiful traditional dress that is worn at Diwali. We would like to wish all our Hindu families a wonderful Diwali!

Happy Diwali!


Spooky, spooky…very spooky!

It’s Halloween and the children have loved sharing their experiences of Halloween. We have had a go at segmenting CVC words to make a ‘witch’s spell’ and have enjoyed sharing the fantastic rhyming story ‘Room on the Broom’. In maths we have sorted skeletons and matched quantities of spooky spiders to numerals. We have made pumpkins and spiders in the play dough by thinking carefully about colour and features and we have been having fun dressing up and role playing our own spooky stories.

Happy Halloween!

Letting Our Imagination Fly for Writing Week!

Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories!

It’s Writing Week and what a fantastic time Reception have had! We have introduced storytelling and story acting into our Literacy lessons and the children have let their imaginations fly! Every day the children have been involved in creating and telling their own imaginative stories which have been scribed in our special, sparkling ‘Story Teller’s Book’. The children have imagined stories of dangerous dinosaurs and disobedient dogs, monsters and mummies and dads and doctors. Of farcical farms, scary and spooky storms and haunted houses. We have even heard of a frightened pea, a broken toilet and a magical mirror!


The children had a go at ‘treading the boards’ as they took to the stage to act out their wonderful stories. Thinking of and then seeing our own stories written down and then come to life on stage improves our literacy and communication skills. Acting out the stories with our friends increases our confidence and aids our social and emotional development.

We cant wait for our next session of ‘Helicopter Stories!’