Wednesday Morning Phonics

Image result for robot eyfs

Make your own robot from clean used boxes/tubes etc.  Watch this video if you would like some ideas:

What will you call your robot? 

Your robot can only speak in ‘robot talk’ using the sounds in words. 

Find objects around the house – can you ‘robot talk’ the sounds of what these objects are called?  Now write labels for the objects.

Fun Friday Activities

Happy Moves

This week we are thinking about what makes us happy and what we can do to spread that happiness… Here is a song you will all know, ‘If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.’ Sing along and join in with the actions.

This is a fun song about feeling happy. Can you do all the actions to the beat? What makes you happy?

Here is a fun video of a famous song, ‘Happy’. Can you keep the beat by marching, clapping or tapping a wooden spoon on a bucket drum?

Happy Box

Use an empty food packet/box, that can contain a few things. Start by talking about being happy. Make happy faces together, draw a smiley face. Do they feel happy anywhere else (warm tummy, tingly toes)? Ask your child what they would like to put in their box – e.g. a toy, a special pebble, a photo of a relative. Together, go on a search for 3 things that make them happy – it can be anything they like. Use lots of talk – about what they have chosen and why it makes them happy. You can support them by having your own happy box of 3 things to share with them.

For further information about how a ‘happy box’ or a ‘self-soothe box’ can help us all during this time, visit 

Literacy: Listen and Play – Under the Sea

Join in with the Listen and Play activities: Introduction and sound discrimination games; Songs and rhymes; Story time and Song; and Goodbye.

After listening to the story about Colin, discuss these questions. Is it important to help? Who tried to help Colin on his journey to school? How did he get there in the end? What other creatures might he have met? Whale? Shark? Octopus? What would you have done to help?